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Where Followers of Jesus Find Their Fashion

Follower Fashion is a socially responsible Christian fashion designer dedicated to making safe and sustainable quality clothing, paying its workers a fair living wage that they can support their families on, and eliminating human trafficking and sex trafficking from around the world.

Social Responsibility

Follower Fashion donates 10% of all profits to organizations that are actively working to end trafficking. In addition, Follower Fashion prevents the spread of slave labor by working only with Fair Trade suppliers and manufacturers.


The purpose of our clothing is to help Christians look great while at the same time provide opportunities to share the gospel to their neighbors. Our clothing is focused on modern style accented with Christian messages.

On Board With Jesus
On Board With Jesus
Quality Business Casual Attire for Sophisticated Christian Men
Categories: Men
Products: Dress Shirts, Polos, Pants, Jewelry, Pens
Real Christian Life
Real Christian Life
Quality Street Clothes for Real Christians
Categories: Men, Women, Boys, Girls
Products: T-Shirts, Jeans, Hats, Hoodies, Beanies

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